Earlier this month, Kenneth James Gibson (a.k.a. [a]pendics.shuffle) released his latest EP under his dubLoner moniker on Adjunct Audio, the label he founded in 2005 with friend Konstantin Gabbro. The five track EP features two dubbed out originals, both featuring the vocal stylings of Isaac Haile Selassie, with the title cut “Chairr Nawena” receiving remixes from Boston’s GYS, Kush Arora, and a club mix by dubLoner himself. Chairr Nawena will be Gibson and Selassie’s third outing together, with the two previous seminal releases arriving on the now defunct de’fchild Records. We’ve been offered the remix by San Francisco based artist Kush Arora, who reworks the twisted vocals and atmospherics of the original into a more club-friendly framework adding rolling percussion and room-rattling bassline for maximum effect. You can pick up the Kush Arora remix of “Chairr Nawena” below, with the full EP available here.

Chairr Nawena (Kush Arora Remix)