Recently featured on the Kode9-curated A Great Symphony for Torinosound-design project, Italian producer Vaghe Stelle (pronounced ‘vag-he stel-lay’) will release new LP Sweet Sixteen via UK label Astro:Dynamics next month. To tease the upcoming record, Stelle has sent along “Duemila Kilometri,” an unsettled production which cuts through layers of brooding atmosphere with erratic drum programming—an apt preview of the man’s production style, which is said to be “as loose as possible in its approach… utilizing vocal samples to craft bass and lead sounds, coupled with repeated use of Poly-800 and Juno 106 synthesizers.” Sweet Sixteen is out on February 17, but before then, its artwork and tracklist can be seen after the jump.

01 My Birthday
02 Sweet Sixteen
03 Artificial Intelligence
04 Libitum
05 Duemila Kilometri
06 She Sometimes
07 Sorry I Don’t Know Where I Am Now
08 Thanks for the Conversation

Duemila Kilometri