Clearly it’s not all sunshine and beach parties down in the SoCal metropolis from which the beat scene sprouted. Yes, we’ve got another LA beatsmith of sorts on our hands in Chaz Lewis, who has delivered this menacing, dark journey through the land of heavy boom-bap under his ELOS alias. Staying true to the “gangster” for which the “g” in g-funk stands for, Lewis implements a simple kick-and-clap pattern, on top of which he throws harrowing side-chains and ungodly bass sounds that beg for the kind of stoic, slow-motion head nod often found in the grimiest of rap videos. A slippery, Transylvania-esque synth melody tops off the affair, making it one of the most deliciously evil beats in recent memory to come from the Low End camp. You can find “DunDeals” on ELOS’ forthcoming debut EP, Flying Sky Fortress (artwork above), which is slated for release April 26.