Vancouver is a hotbed for electronic music, and one of its practitioners, HxdB (pictured above), has provided a remix for the new record from Max Ulis & Self Evident, Eastsiders. Out soon via Tenpin, HxdB’s remix of the record’s title track is a bewildering trap door of a dance tune that seems to take advantage of not only the stereo field, but a vertical aural axis that drops frequencies in and out with startlingly smooth precision. One can almost picture an endless hallway out of a Lewis Carroll novel guiding the tune’s progression, sounds flying by the listener’s peripheral vision as the eternal-yet-blissful chase for meaning continues. This is indeed a DJ track, but a refreshingly off-kilter and zoned-in one at that. Be sure to check out the other remixes accompanying the Eastsiders EP, including jams from LuckyMe‘s Prison Garde and Fade to Mind‘s Cedaa, after the jump.

Eastsiders (HxdB Remix)