A new name emerging on the dubstep/bass/club scene in British Columbia, Victoria resident Monolithium (pictured above) is quickly gaining the attention of fans and critics alike, thanks in part to his small but solid web presence, his Sub|Division party, and his burgeoning affiliations with the Error Broadcast label. The producer has a noted affinity for Ricardo Villalobos, and displays his affection in full form with this “recrunk” of the techno auteur’s “Easy Lee” tune. Monolithium’s new version of that modern classic mostly toys with the vocoder vocals—wrapping the robotic melody in broken, hip-hop-flavored dubstep rhythms and darkly emotive synthscapes. We have no idea whether or not Villalobos would be a fan of this bootleg version of his track, but if nothing else, it’s a well-crafted tribute that’s sure to please dance music fans across the board.

Easy Lee (Monolithium Recrunk)