If we were cheeseball music industry marketing people, we might say that Australian trio HTRK sounded like a screwed version of Suicide fronted by Nico and produced by James Lavelle. Thankfully, we’re smart enough to realize that those sorts of comparisons are completely idiotic. HTRK makes gritty electronic pop that is simultaneously dirgey and dreamy, and “Eat Yr Heart” finds Jonnine Standish’s detached vocals floating over the band’s lurching electronics and eerie synths. Sadly, the group lost founding member and bass player Sean Stewart to suicide last year, but the remaining members elected to complete and release new album Work (work, work) anyways. The LP is slated to drop on September 6, and the artwork and complete tracklist can be found after the jump.

01. Ice Eyes Eis
02. Slo Glo
03. Eat Yr Heart
04. Bendin’
05. Skinny
06. Syntheik
07. Poison
08. Work That Body
09. Love Triangle
10. Body Double

Eat Yr Heart