Regular XLR8R readers should be quite familiar with Abandon Building, the US label responsible for some of the most dazzling downloads we’ve offered over the years—like Little People’s remix of Pick A Piper’s “South To Polynesia,” or the Ekoda Map remix of Koloto’s “Kill Screen.” Abandon Building releases beautiful, sincere electronic music from a roster of artists including Random Rab, Set In Sand, and Escaping Animals, among others. The latest artist to drop on the label is Chicago-based producer Edamame, who’s Periderm album is a gorgeous fusion of beat driven sonics. Spread across 20 tracks, and featuring remixes from Set In Sand, Escaping Animals, and Elle Herring, Periderm is being offered as a “name your price” download on Bandcamp. To support the release, we’ve been gifted “Some Whispers,” a stunning cut filled with organic textures, glistening synth work, and delicate percussion. “Some Whispers” can be downloaded for free below, with Periderm available over at Edamame’s Bandcamp page.

Some Whispers