Next week, Egopusher—a Swiss duo made up of Tobias Preisig on violin and synths, and Alessandro Giannelli on drums and synths—will release their debut long-player, Blood Red, on Pusher Records.

Blood Red is the culmination of over 100 live gigs and four successive years of jam sessions. Each track on the LP follows this lineage and was a result of a live jam, recorded over a long and intense period in Zurich, Berlin, London, and a small Swiss town called Zofingen. The tracks would be jammed, then shelved in a Dropbox account, before revisiting sometime later with producer David Hofmann for arranging and recording sessions.

In support of the upcoming release, the duo have offered up the album’s title track as one of today’s XLR8R downloads. Recorded on a cold winter evening in Berlin, “Blood Red” is a searing cinematic journey with soaring synth lines, slow-mo grooves, and flickering textures that recall the work of artists such as John Hopkins and Max Cooper.

You can grab “Blood Red” via WeTransfer below, with the full album available for pre-order here.

Blood Red