Dim Mak resident DJ/producer Them Jeans pilfered the first few seconds from fellow LA residents Nguzunguzu‘s “El Bebe Ambiente”—taken from the duo’s free self-titled EP—to use as the basis for this booming bootleg remix. It sounds like he only managed to grab the high-pitched vocal rhythm and maybe a few percussion sounds from the original track, but the rest of the sounds in Jason Stewart’s remix—filtered synths, bouncing kicks and snares, and a ’90s rave-inspired melody—could’ve just as easily come from Nguzunguzu’s repertoire. You can go ahead and add this to the other list of awesome Nguzunguzu-related things going down, like their upcoming M.I.A. mixtape—comissioned by Ms. Arulpragasam herself—and their show this Saturday at San Francisco bass party Icee Hot.

El Bebe Ambiente (Them Jeans Remix)