Eliezer, or “Leiz” as he’s known, is a club owner, DJ, and producer from Israel. Eliezer has been working his way across the Tel-Aviv electronic scene for almost a decade, most recently releasing tracks with Middle Sky Boom on labels such as Eskimo and Days Of Being Wild.

Now he is about to reveal his debut solo EP The Man From 94, due for release on the new Israeli label Unterman, an imprint brought to life by Josef Lamion (a.k.a Middle Sky Boom) and art director Sara Lamion (a.k.a Cookie Moon). 

We’re told that Eliezer gives his take on the present and future sound of Tel Aviv on his two original tracks, namely “Frani” and “No Tears,” bearing the punk attitude and hallmarks that he dearly upholds, with DIY recordings of guitars, murky samples, and clear-cut drums. Argentinian producer Gabriel Ferreira then edges “Frani” closer to the dancefloor with a tense, stomping rework, and Tel Aviv’s Naduve cranks his effects on his remix of “No Tears.” 

In support of the release, out now, you can download “No Tears” in full via the WeTransfer button below.  

EU readers can stream here and download here, due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


01. Frani 

02. No Tears 

03. Frani (Gabriel Ferreira Remix) 

04. No Tears (Naduve Remix)