The Summer Night tape-only label is starting a new dub techno series.

Up first is a C30 tape titled <i EP with six tracks by four producers, including Emanuele Pertoldi (also known as Shaded Explorer), Moonswinger (previously appearing on Summer Night under Nikita Villeneuve moniker), label chief Peonies, and desperately
Foquus. There are also two interludes by unknown artists.

In advance of the release, the “‘Feedback Theory'” by Emanuele Pertoldi is downloadable via the WeTransfer button below, with a preview for the entire release.


A1. Moonswinger “Preset 1”
A2. Emanuele Pertoldi “Feedback Theory”
A3. Unknown Artist “Untitled”
B1. Foquus “Untitled”
B2. Peonies “Dim Glares”
B3. Unknown Artist “Untitled”

More information will follow soon.

Feedback Theory