J-808‘s remix of “Emotion” opens with—of all things—the pop of a soda can, which is soon followed by the sound of its liquid being poured into a glass. But considering that this thumping rework is a so-called “Late Night Dub,” maybe it’s more likely a can of Red Bull or some other energy drink called upon to help the dancefloor denizens soldier on late into the party. (Maybe it’s just a beer. Who knows?) Thankfully, J-808 shapes fellow French producer Fobator‘s original production into appropriately deep and percussive territory, filling the space left between the pounding 808 kicks with touches of buzzing synths and an enticing array of tom and snare rolls. While this particular rework won’t appear on Fobator’s forthcoming Emotion EP, J-808’s “Early Afternoon Remix” arrives along with four other reworks of the record’s two original tunes on March 11 via Montreal’s Pointé label.

Emotion (J-808 Late Night Dub)