In Japanese, “Ikebana” is a kind of flower arrangement which places less emphasis on the buds and blooms, and more on the roots, stems, and the arrangement and growth thereof. signed to Signed to Japanese imprint flau, the drone-indebted shoegaze outfit Ikebana has a sound that seems to decidedly draw inspiration from its moniker—one which is considerably restrained and sparse, relying on the repetition of delicately embellished chords. It’s also a good fit for Leaving Records boss and lo-fi alchemist Matthewdavid. His remix of “Ends,” taken from Ikebana’s debut When You Arrive There (out on July 8, artwork above), sees the LA artist tossing and turning atop a waterbed of degraded guitar chords that swell, dissolve back into static, and rise again. What really helps “Ends (Matthewdavid Remix)” along is its focus: The tune features zero percussion and is devoid of the sub-bass tangents known to frequently mark his work. Instead, Matthewdavid entrances us with gorgeous chords, gauzy vocals, pools of tape fuzz, and little else.

Ends (matthewdavid Remix)