Even if you haven’t heard Shlohmo‘s remix of “Enough Said,” the posthumous Aaliyah track produced by Drake, you probably knew it was coming, and you probably know exactly what you’re in for. In trademark Shlohmo style (at least, it should be trademarked by now), both singers are screwed down, which muddies up Drake’s flow a little and contorts it into a sort of codeine-sipping robot voice. Compared to Shlohmo’s remix of “Crew Love” from earlier this year, Drake’s rap is a little more grating, and his vocals are screwed down even lower. However, both remixes share Shlohmo’s penchant for clicking beats and spectral energies—which is perhaps called for, considering the highly controversial resuscitation of Aaliyah’s vocal recordings for the original “Enough Said.”

Enough Said (Shlohmo Remix)