The UK blog-turned-label Immersed Audio is set to release its debut outing next week in the form of a compilation entitled Make It Happen (artwork above). Although British producer Karma Kid‘s contribution didn’t make the cut due to its flagrant sample use (both Aaliyah and Redman make enough of an appearance here to almost necessitate a “featuring” tag), “Entity Relationship Diagram” is still a fine example of the sonic territory that will be explored once the comp drops on February 14. The first half of the tune keeps things rather simple, cutting up “Rock the Boat” while gliding chords swing in the background and tight, punchy kicks rumble below. Then, around the two-minute mark, the energy picks up a bit, and we’re treated to some gorgeous side-chained chords and skittering percussion, just in time for the New Jersey rapper to drop his considerably pitched-down verse.

Karma Kid – Entity Relationship Diagram