“Resist All Dogma” is the lead single from Eomac‘s new 11-track album, titled Reconnect.

Inspired by ideas of ancient ecstatic dances and reconnecting with wild nature, the title track and the broody “Everything is Covered in Blood” use Eomac’s own vocals, screams and scattering percussion to express both “the frustration and pain of living in our current society and also the longing for a freer, wilder mode of existence.”

On the flip, Eomac has enlisted Shaddah Tuum to remix “Resist All Dogma,” where they take it deep into mystical territories, with ghostly percussion existing alongside vocal drones and deep, heavy sub bass.

In support of the single, you can download the remix in full via the WeTransfer button below.

The full Reconnect album will be out via Eotrax on April 27th, 2018.