At the regular Equations nights at OHM, Berlin, the audience is introduced to a different approach on clubbing, where musicians engage and interact, challenge existing techniques in a live setting, and free the imagination, while the public is part of the “extempore.” It’s a format that is so familiar in jazz, but is largely unexplored in a house and techno context. In rotating settings, with at least three musicians playing at once, the no-rules-no-plan live-jam unfolds itself and often goes into unexpected and previously unexplored territory. The interaction between the musicians is as important as the interaction between the audience and the musicians. 

The collective consists of Derek Van Beelen (D), George Konstantoulakis (Aphelion, Archaic Space), Michael Kraus (Sphera De Noumenon), Nick Lapien (Artefakt, Metropolis, Lapien) and Robin Koek (Artefakt, Cyspe), Jesse Scherwitz, Julius Richter and Magnus von Welck (Aroma Pitch). Every edition a guest musician is invited, to bring fresh energy and sonic pallet into the circle.

The next event is scheduled for Thursday, December 6, at OHM Berlin. The special guest will be Orson Wells. Doors open at 22.00. 

In support of the event, the crew has shared a recording taken from a nine-hour live jam on November 30, 2017. The room was sweaty, the vibe ecstatic, and there were seven people playing in the booth with hands on the machines. The special guest for this edition was Vida Vojic, who did vocals and electronics. 

You can grab the cut via the button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.