With a new EP slated for release on Seattle’s Car Crash Set imprint, Moscow’s Pixelord has offered up this non-EP track to give us a taste of what we can expect from the forthcoming release. “Equis (Part 2)” is a jagged beat of sorts with an ever-so-slightly swung boom-bap rhythm chugging below a set of constantly building, dramatic pads and chopped and pitched Stevie Wonder vocal samples. If this track is any indication, then Pixelord’s new EP, Puzzles, may find the Russian producer paring down the 8-bit elements often associated with his production, not removing them entirely but rather employing them more sparingly (as in the bubbling bleeps and bloops of this track) to give way to more serious-sounding elements. We’ll have to see what the Russian producer has in store for us when Puzzles drops on April 29.

Equis (Part 2)