Huntleys + PalmersHighlife World Series is a three part music series headed up by UK-based Auntie Flo and Esa. Beginning with Cuba, followed by Kenya, and now finishing on the one in question here, Uganda, the Highlife World Series is a collaborative effort with a focus to share emerging sounds and ideas. Pulled from the Uganda release is Johannesburg-based, South African multi-instrumentalist Behr’s remix of “Africa Ni Leo”—translated as ‘Africa Is Today,’ and a response to the patronizing trope that ‘Africa is the future.’ Beautifully haunting in its delivery, “Africa Ni Leo” trudges along with an abundance of groove-filled instrumentation and swirling vocal lines, with Behr injecting a chunky, acidic bassline as the glue of the track. Behr’s philosophy encompasses the idea that music is within all, a medium and outlet for ones expression. You can donwload his remix of “Africa Ni Leo” for free below, with more information on the Highlife World Series available here.

Afrika Ni Leo (Behr Remix)