After taking a cursuroy listen through Suplington‘s archive, “Escapism” might come as a shock to the listener. The 19-year-old tunesmith first came up making chilled-out, hip-hop-slanted productions, which makes his recent move into house music somewhat surprising. His latest tune marks a full reverse for the young producer, turning his penchant for mellow vibes into a dancefloor-ready slowburn with a slowly rising bassline, spacious synths, and moaning vocals. There’s an especially nice synth shudder that opens the tune wide midway through, and it’s impressive to hear how Suplington throws all of the aforementioned elements outward before reeling them back in by the end of “Escapism.” In addition to a forthcoming collection of his old work, the producer is also readying an EP of tunes more in sync with the new direction exhibited on this track.