Far, far away from our XLR8R HQ here on the West Coast, Romanian producer Montgomery Clunk (pictured above) has remixed this track from Russian beatsmith DZA. As part of a remix comp which takes on DZA’s 2010 Five-Finger Discount LP, this particular re-imagining of the track “Eskimo” finds Montgomery Clunk trying his hand at a variety of sonic manipulations to the grimey, fuzzy original. Maintaining a slow, teetering feel, the remixer adds a host of percussive hisses and clangs that sound as if a struggling machine was pumping and breathing in tandem with the tunes’s lazy bass growls and buzzing synths. Somewhat reminiscent of Chris Clark’s earlier Warp days (think Body Riddle or earlier), Clunk manages to deftly take “Eskimo” from aggressive beat to electro-acoustic mind warp and back a few times over the song’s less than three minutes. This remix, along with 18 other efforts from a host of beat heads, can be found on the Five-Finger Remixes comp when it hits the streets May 16 (in digital and cassette form) on Error Broadcast, who will also serve as the home for Montgomery Clunk’s forthcoming debut LP, slated for release later this year.

Eskimo (Montgomery Clunk Remix)