We haven’t heard much lately from the formerly San Antonio-based Diego Chavez (a.k.a. Aether) and if this remix is any indication, that’s too bad. Since Aether’s 2008 LP, Artifacts, Chavez—who now calls Boston home—has been known as a producer who crafts airy, emotional instrumentals, and this remix finds him expanding on his craft. “Evaporar” comes courtesy of Brazilian electronic artist Pazes, and the presence of Brazil is clearly at work in the bossa nova guitars and crooning Portuguese lyrics of the original, which Chavez skillfully manipulates into the fold of this blissful beat. Adding much to the simple instrumentation of Pazes’ version, Chavez employs skittering shakers and claps that ride along the foreground while gliding bells and melodic synths burst in the background. Pazes Southpaw EP (artwork above), where you’ll find the original version of “Evaporar,” is set to be released February 15.

Evaporar (Aether Remix)