At this point, it’s beyond cliché to say, “the internet is amazing,” but when a track like “Even Though (Teen Daze Remix)” drops into our inbox, it’s hard not to marvel at the wonders of the information superhighway. After all, none of the three parties involved—San Francisco’s Giraffage (pictured above), Orlando’s XXYYXX, and Vancouver’s Teen Daze—live even remotely close to one another others, which means they likely bonded online over an affinity for each other’s SoundClouds. The original “Even Though” will appear on the forthcoming Kitsuné America compilation, but has also been released as a stand-alone single with remixes by Slow Magic, Reid, The One AM Radio, and this take from Teen Daze. While the Canadian beatmaker is often lumped in with the chillwave crowd, his remix swaps out the song’s clicky hip-hop beats and sparkling synths for a propulsive 4/4 rhythm and some housey piano chords. It’s an interesting turn from Teen Daze, and solid work from all the artists involved, even if they’ve never actually met in person.

Even Though (Teen Daze Remix)