Dutch beatmaker Julien Mier has always been quite a shapeshifter, and his latest EP for Lowriders is no different. Entitled Jane’s Junkyard, it features five original tracks, as well as remixes by Robert Koch and Memotone, and will be released on June 25. Standout cut “Ever Lonely” sounds like a warbly walk through a funhouse that’s teetering on the edge of a cliff. Piano figures incorporate melody and tape flutter in equal parts, and the clicky percussion recalls ’90s IDM as much as the gaggle of current detail-obsessed LA beatmakers. The song takes an unexpected turn with the entrance of a reverb-drenched saxophone solo, yet manages to find it’s way back without breaking a sweat in the process. Mier might describe his studio as having “a thousand broken instruments,” but he knows his way around all of them like no one else.

Ever Lonely