Nashville isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of funky sounds or electro beats, but that is the place the duo known as Jensen Sportag calls home, and if this track is any indication, these guys have got a good amount of dance-friendly sounds coarsing through their veins. “Everything Good,” from the duo’s forthcoming Pure Wet EP (artwork above), is a deliciously smooth endeavor incorporating some retro-inspired slap bass with the bells and whistles of a modern electro track. Percussive synths and guitar pop and swirl along with reverb-washed melodies and layer upon layer of sweet and sultry vocals. The vintage vibe of “Everything Good” isn’t so much like stepping into a time machine as it is like stepping into a time-combining machine and the results have us thinking this would be a much more useful invention. Pure Wet is set to be released on February 15.

Everything Good