This heavenly slice of electro indie-pop comes to us from Vancouver-based producer Jonny Dylan Hughes (a.k.a. Branches). Throughout the instrumental affair, Hughes implements a bath of ethereal synths and arpeggios which is built upon using a seemingly endless supply of delicate melodies with interlocking rhythms that precisely play off each other. The first blown-out drum loop enters the procession just after the one minute marker, eventually disappearing only to pop up again in short spurts between a number of incredibly melody-washed breakdowns. In customary electro-pop fashion, the biggest burst of energy is saved for the track’s climax, where giant, glitched kicks and snares fire at will as Hughes’ melodies soar above, unscathed by the tumultuous sounds below. “Everything You’ve Ever Done Has Been Beautiful” can be found on Branches’ new EP of the same name (artwork above), which is available for download from the project’s Bandcamp.

Everything You’ve Ever Done Has Been Beautiful