Adam Marshall‘s New Kanada imprint has announced the forthcoming release of Ambient Parks, an ambitious 17-track compilation that gathers beatless productions from Mike Shannon, The Mole, Ambalance, Jokers of the Scene, and others. To preview the upcoming release (out February 17), Marshall has passed along the appropriately dreamy “Excuses Nueva Mezcla” from Chilean producer Ricardo Tobar. Built around a revolving pattern of glass-like pulses, the brief excursion into cloudy ambience layers faint melodic textures, rendering the composition a simple yet effective slice of atmospheric electronic production. After giving Tobar’s alluring preview of Ambient Parks a spin below, the upcoming collection’s artwork and tracklist can be peeped after the jump.

01 Ambalance “Hydro Lines”
02 Fairmont “Twin Freeks”
03 Jokers Of The Scene “Kanada Goose”
04 Tolga Fidan “Immaculate”
05 Miajica “From The Forest”
06 Brennan Green “Ambien”
07 Imugem Orihasam “aka Just Let Me Laugh”
08 Ricardo Tobar “Excuses Nueva Mezcla”
09 Polmo Polpo “String Theory”
10 John Connell “Canopy”
11 Mike Shannon “Quazar”
12 Andras Toth “Osidius”
13 Maaskant “Echolocation”
14 Tazz & Giovanni “Le Mingan”
15 Murr “1”
16 James Welburn “Hold Version”
17 The Mole “Ode To Canoehead”

Excuses Nueva Mezcla