The UK-based production duo of Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale might be best known as Worriedaboutsatan, but the pair have since created Ghosting Season, a new musical outlet focused on the fusion of classical instrumentation, cinematic post-rock sounds, and UK bass music. Like on “Exercise Us,” taken from the duo’s forthcoming Far End of the Graveyard EP, Miller and Ragsdale lay the groundwork of their tunes with haunting string sections—often sounding like they were ripped straight from an understated indie thriller—before heaping flitty percussive sounds, throbbing basslines, dense aural atmospheres, and other ghostly sound effects over the moody tones. It conjures something akin to what Demdike Stare might sound like if they weren’t glued to their dollar-bin discoveries. You can hear more of Ghosting Season’s EP when the outfit releases it themselves later this month.

Exercise Us