As we draw closer to the July 12 release of Washed Out‘s new LP, Within and Without, the first-generation chillwaver has tapped a few like-minded producers to give the album’s lead single the remix treatment for a forthcoming 12″. Alongside reworks from Starslinger and Lovelock is this icy take on “Eyes Be Closed” from Montreal’s resident dream-pop enchantress Grimes (pictured above), who buries the original song beneath layers of her own snowy vocal whisperings. Exercising a generous amount of remix prowess, Grimes does not allow the tune to approach any sort of tangible beat for a good while, choosing instead to pile distant soundscapes together, effectively drawing Washed Out further into the depths of stark ambiance than he’s previously ventured. Of course, a beat eventually makes its way through the fog, and, of course, it’s a glistening slice of blissful electro, and, of course, it all culminates in another solid production, adding more fuel to the fire that is our growing affinity for Grimes’ work. (via FACT)

Eyes Be Closed (Grimes Remix)