Danish four-piece When Saints Go Machine (consisting of a vocalist, drummer, and two keyboardists) is the latest act to sign to Berlin’s !K7 imprint. “Fail Forever,” the title track from its forthcoming EP, is an uptempo adventure into the possibilities of combining orchestrated, melancholy pop with a dance music bed. Driving from beginning to end, the song features rhythmic keyboards pulsing rapidly along with a consistent four-on-the-floor disco beat. The melancholy comes courtesy of frontman Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild’s haunting, almost Arthur Russell-esque falsetto; layered with harmonies, it combines with the slow-moving bass and cellos to make for an incredibly lush track. Apparently When Saints Go Machine have been making some pretty big waves in Denmark, winning the Danish National Radio Talent Of The Year Award and opening the country’s Roskilde Festival earlier this year, but even without that knowledge we’d still be looking forward to their upcoming January EP and the band’s eventual LP expected later in 2011.

Fail Forever