It was just last week that the Southern California purgatory that is Orange County unloaded a disarmingly mature 17-year-old producer by the name of Zeadron Del Gomez. Helped in part by online magazine Rebel, yet another young OC gun has emerged, this time by the name of Ages (a.k.a. Michael Lundy). At 20 years of age, Lundy is making the kind of beat music LA is known for, except his soundscapes seem to infuse darker techno, ambient, and house details that make for a particularly rich listening experience. Lundy has released an eight-song EP, Failures, that is available at any desired price over on his Bandcamp. Check the title track before you wander over to preview the rest of the album; the song’s lusty guitar licks, percussive shivers, and swooning female vocals are as seductive as anything else on the record.