Berlin-via-Istanbul producer Tolga Fidan will be releasing his debut full-length, Rogue, on May 21 via Germany’s Vakant imprint. Fidan has put out a long line of upbeat tech-housesingles for that label and others over the years, including Cadenza and New Kanada. “Fairwell 22,” an advance cut off of Rogue, is notably downtempo and gloomy, featuring forlorn vocals from Fidan and an array of minor-key synth tones. Check out Rogue‘s artwork and tracklist, after the jump.

1) Fire
2) Demain
3) Void (GvsB Tribute)
4) Shapes
5) Moo.Noo.
6) Fairwell 22
7) Seve
8) Broken
9) Encore Encore

Fairwell 22