If you consider yourself a bonafide electronic music connoisseur, then you’ve no doubt at some point found yourself tuned into the LA-centric music hub known as Dublab. Since starting up in 1999 as an independent internet radio station, Dublab has flourished into a musical institution—throwing events, curating video and art projects, and, most importantly, bringing forward-thinking, cutting-edge sounds to its listeners 24/7. Now, Dublab is in the beginning stages of it’s Fall Proton Drive, a fundraising event that will feature live DJs on the air from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. everyday from now until November 17, at which point the station will embark on a 24-hour “No Sleep Session” for the drive’s finale. To help spread the word, the crew has tapped Suzaane Kraft to put together a theme song of sorts; with the tune’s new-agey vibes and friendly electro-tribal beat, it’s a fine example of the kinds of music Dublab so generously brings to its listeners every day. After giving Kraft’s production a listen below, you can head here to listen to the live fundraising broadcast and donate.

Fall 2011 Proton Drive Theme Song