Swim Team is a fresh-faced NYC crew that plans to issue its debut compilation, Swim Team Trax 1, next month. Incorporating productions from each member of the collective (which includes the likes of Color Plus, AceMo, DJ LILMATT, Izy, Kanyon, Rambow, and Lord $M$), Daddy AOL is set to lead off the effort with “Fall Off.” Credited as the the initial founder of the Swim Team collective, Daddy AOL has crafted a solid club hybrid to kick off the forthcoming comp, as “Fall Off” fuses together dubby chord stabs with thick rhythms which teeter just on the edge between a jittery half-time stomp and a full-force shuffle. Before the Swim Team collective’s debut compilation arrives next month, the crew’s promo video for the effort (which features snippets of its 10 tracks) can be watched after the jump.

Fall Off