Marreck is the work of UK sound artist Michael Hann who has also released under the name Rejections and is responsible for overseeing the fledgling Reject and Fade label. Under his Marreck alias, Hann will next week issue the Thirteen Losses EP, which is said to collect four pieces of “soundsystem brutalism” including “False Martyr,” the record’s closing cut. An uncompromising composition, “False Martyr” is the kind of track that sounds like it is content to just let the machines run wild. A brooding analog pulse leads the production, appearing loosely tide to a rhythmic pattern, though it is constantly the result of manipulation. On top of this, Hann eventually layers a piercing, siren-like sheet of noise which grows as the electronics below become more and more unhinged. “False Martyr” and three other tracks not for the faint of heart will see their official release on September 22, when Marreck’s full Thirteen Losses EP drops via Bomb Shop.

False Martyr