Hippie Dance—the label run by Rebolledo and Superpitcher (a.k.a. Pachanga Boys)—has offered a free download to wish everyone a “Merry Crystals” and a “Happy New You.”

As an early Christmas present, Fantastic Twins’ “The New You” is available to download via the WeTransfer button below—taken from an EP scheduled for 2017 release.

A few words from Hippie Dance:

“Hippie Dance wishes you Merry Crystals and a Happy New You. We will be celebrating half-a-dozen years of existence in 2017, releases from Fantastic Twins (formerly known as The Twins), Superpitcher, Rebolledo, Pachanga Boys, and new exciting stuff from the You And Your Hippie Friends sub-label can be expected during the year. A little taste of it is “The New You”…

“Now that the year 2016 is nearly behind us. Now that we know more than ever that we are the inhabitants of a planet gone completely loco. Now that we carry the deep knowledge that nothing is as simple as it used to be back in the days on the fruitful prairies of naïve and loving co-existence void of existential crisis. Now that we have self-helped ourselves into self-loathing—we bring you from the hands of the Fantastic Twins, “The New You”! Be calm citizens of the now! It’s not a conspiracy, it is not a devious trick of terrorism, it is (sorry) not a quick fix either to end the onslaught of your self-esteem demons. It is a gratis gift with love from our Hippie Dance universe where there is still hope and excellent music in abundance to be found. “The New You” is a strong and truthful journey of ethereal sound and a vivid reminder that whatever happens around us, no matter the fear and confusion that are dished up on our daily plates, the power lies within us to take that very important last step to discover the new in each of us. Musically “The New You” cleverly creates the sense of a pending announcement of a new personality that might reveal itself; and yet, in the end one is confronted with the fact that “The New You” will always remain evasive. The magic lies in the journey itself and even though you might never meet and shake hands with “The New You,” may you receive this profound and touching message with open minds and hearts and take it with you into 2017 as a mantra of action. Rip up those new year’s resolutions and celebrate the talented Fantastic Twins and half-a-dozen years of HippieDance: Merry Crystals and a Happy New You!” 

The New You


“The New You”: Artwork by Uplaod
Pachanga Boys / Hippie Dance youtube link Feliz Fiestas : “Video by Pachanga Boys”
Twins video teaser : Video by Marco Dos Santos