What began as an eight-plus minute expedition into meandering, spacious techno, “Far End of the Graveyard” has been reworked by a number of up-and-coming producers on Ghosting Season‘s (pictured above) recent remix EP. Here, we have a contribution to that release from UK newcomer Enjoyed, whose hybrid combinations of Balearic pop and chilled-out house we first caught wind of a few weeks back. Electing to forgo the elongated structure of the original, Enjoyed quickly moves into a swirling production that leans heavy on the house side of his sonic palette, placing a bouncing combination of kicks and claps alongside an array of heavenly pads and glistening melodies. After peeping Enjoyed’s take on “Far End of the Graveyard,” you can stream the rest of the EP (which features contributions from Polinski, Nedry, and Relmic Statue), here.

Far End Of The Graveyard (Enjoyed remix)