Exported from Buenos Aires, Federico Molinari has been one of the most reliable talents on the German house scene for years now. After moving to the West German city of Mannheim back in the early noughties, he fell in with a circle that included the likes of Johnny D, Ray Okpara and Nekes, the latter of whom he launched Oslo Records with. From there, things moved from strength to strength, with him establishing a firm place in both the German and international scene.

This year alone has been a strong one for the producer: he dropped a well-received two-tracker on Swiss-Chilean imprint Melisma, as well as getting picked up Parisian trio Apollonia for a release on their self-titled label. It would seem that his inherent groove really is unstoppable.

Today we are pleased to offer “Julio Catorce” as our free download: lifted from Molinari’s private collection of unreleased tracks, this would probably never have seen the light of day otherwise (and what a shame that would have been). Across a lengthy 12 minute jam, a hypnotizing bassline twists and winds its way through choppy vocals and sharp claps. It never peaks nor drops, rather it is only fortified by slight changes and uneasy elements sporadically rearing their heads. It’s the kind of piece that could blow your mind at a certain hour of the morning, and it speaks volumes about the Argentinian’s understanding of how to get the most out of a tune.

Download “Julio Catorce” below via WeTransfer.

Julio Catorce