It’s only been a matter of months since we first got hip to the Cut imprint (thanks to this tune from Essáy, followed shortly thereafter by this one from Buck UK), and it appears that the burgeoning label is not keen to stop releasing free EPs from talented up-and-comers anytime soon. Cut’s latest effort comes from Bristol resident Bryn Thomas, and as can be heard in the EP’s title track, it falls a lot closer to the beat-oriented side of things than the label’s previous outings. Not that this is striaght-up beat music, but rather an amalgamation of influences reaching as far as the instrumental beats of current LA all the way to the European tradition of finely-tuned dub techno. After checking out the MP3 below, you can head here to hear the rest of the EP for the nominal price of your email address or a tweet.

Bryn Thomas- Feel For Bumps Then Grind