Two albums, a debut U.S. tour, and one remix release later, Faunts are ready to unleash yet-more gorgeous indie rock upon us. The Canadian five-piece outfit will release its latest full-length, Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. on February 17 on its longtime home at Friendly Fire Recordings. As with previous releases, the new album finds the boys mixing gauzy guitars with electronic loops and singing about love. Here’s the title track off the album.

01 Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.
02 Input
03 It Hurts Me all the Time
04 Out on a Limb
05 Lights are Always On
06 Das Malefitz
07 I Think I’ll Start a Fire
08 Alarmed/Lights
09 So Far Away
10 Explain

01 Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.