One of the reasons Moscow’s underground electronic music scene has remained so exciting over the past few years is that it doesn’t stand still. Artists seem to absorb sonic influences like some kind of mutant SoundCloud sponge, and as a result, their tracks are in a constant state of change, forming hybrids that are endlessly switching pieces in and out. OL is one such producer, and with his forthcoming, vinyl-only Make Things EP for Moscow label/party/crew Capital Bass, the Russian tunesmith seems to have soaked up the sounds of soulful boogie and drum machine-fueled house. “Feel Me,” a one-off track which has been streaming online since early last month, follows suit with its filtered chords, hand percussion, and slight uptempo skitter merging with bits of dark atmosphere for an intriguing combination. OL’s Make Things EP can be previewed before it officially drops on September 23, after the jump.

Feel Me