Toronto native Adam Marshall (pictured above) has been active on the techno scene since the late ’90s, more recently starting up the New Kanada imprint in 2006 to put out his own works as well as fine productions from artists like Tolga Fidan, Basic Soul Unit, and The Mole. The next release on that label will be a four-track EP of Marshall’s latest production work, from which “Ferns” was taken and subsequently remixed by fellow Toronto tunesmith XI. The remix leans more towards the start-stop, broken-bass rhythms of XI’s existing work, shying away from the tech-house feel of the lengthy original. You can check out the tracklist and artwork for Marshall’s untitled EP (identifiable by its catalog number, NK33) before it drops on April 10, after the jump.

1. Bass Tracking
2. Holding Down
3. Holding Beatless
4. Ferns

Ferns (XI Remix)