Amidst dubstep’s move into the pop sphere, it’s tempting to write off the genre, yet it’s important to remember that many of dubstep’s formative players continue to re-imagine and re-invent dubstep’s familiar structure. Among these few pioneers is Bristol’s Peverelist, both an influential producer and curator as the owner of the Punch Drunk label. Just last week, the imprint released Worth the Weight, a two-disc compilation featuring early dubstep pioneers like Pinch and Appleblim alongside more current influentials like Shorstuff, Hyetal, and Joker. Looking to PD’s next generation of artists, the Bristol-based Superisk is someone who has already stood out—we streamed his Find Your Way EP back in September—and now he’s offered up a VIP version of the EP’s title track to Poland-based blog BBQ. For this version, Superisk exchanged the sparse drums of the original and filled the space with an urgent bassline while adding a new layer of purple fuzz to the synths.

Find Your Way VIP Instrumental

Find Your Way VIP