Last month we shared German techno producer Essáy‘s excellent “Love & Air” from his Distance & Lights EP on Cut, a net label with DFRNT at the helm. Apparently, Essáy is a pretty busy guy these days, as the man recently tipped us to his own net label, simply titled Warminal. Releasing his own dub-techno tunes as well as tracks by kindred spirits, Warminal highlights the kind of dubby electronic sound we’ve come to associate with Essáy. Enter Dutch producer Fedbymachines, who likes to “explore the moving boundaries between music and just random sound.” Giving body to that statement, he’s offered up “First Light,” a garage-leaning exercise in deep atmospherics that features the kind of crisp percussion and ghostly vocals generally associated with mid-’00s Hyperdub. (Yes, it sounds like Burial.) Give it a download below and be sure to buy the full single on Warminal’s Bandcamp.

First Light