Marc Hellner’s Pulseprogramming project has a new LP on the way next month, and “First They Fire” is the initial offering to surface from the forthcoming release. Starting off with about as carefree an electro drumbeat as one could imagine, the track moves steadily into wispy, shoegazey electro-pop territory with a host of washy guitars and low, steady bass providing the bed for Hellner’s nonchalant synth lines and Chanel Pease’s serenely delivered vocals. As the tune calmly drifts through the tranquil space of its own creation, one could easily miss the mumbled details of the unusual (although metaphorical we’re sure) chorus lyrics, “I’m on fire/ I’m on fire.” Not quite the subject material we were expecting, but we’re not going to let that stop us from happily clapping along. Pulseprogramming’s forthcoming album, Charade is Gold (artwork above), is set to be released on May 3.

first they fire

First They Fire