Justin Velor—the alter-ego of Dom Thomas, the head of Manchester-based label Brutal—emerged earlier this year as a project keen on exploring spacestation disco with loads upon loads of percussive elements and spiralling synth work to match. Thomas is in the midst of prepping the debut full-length for his Justin Velor project, which is set to see a release in February of next year under the incredibly appropriate title 2013. But before then, his label has issued a 12″ of remixes (artwork above) for three of the LP’s tracks, including this rework from fellow UK producer Physchemagik. While it’s impossible to compare this version to the original at this point, it seems safe to assume that Psychemagik’s remix takes things a bit further into the realm of deep space across its nine-plus-minute runtime.

Flameout (Psychemagik Remix)