Max Greening is a sound designer and composer from Vancouver, Canada, who releases music under his given name and Flatland Sound Studio. As Flatland Sound Studio, Greening creates wildly tripped-out tracks that are truly hard to define. You’ll find splatterings of footwork, 8-bit, grime, bass, and juke—and every conceivable sub-genre in between—all tied together with his mind-bending sound design.

Greenings latest release as Flatland Sound Studio is Ocean Radio Planet, a full-length album made entirely from samples that will be released via King Deluxe on September 16. It’s an ambitious piece of work—an album full of ideas and immense depth. To give you a taste of Greenings’ sound world, King Deluxe has offered up the closing track, “Wave Arp,” as today’s download. You can download the track via WeTransfer below, with the full album available for preorder here.

Wave Arp