Sumsun is Judd Rogers, a producer residing in balmy West Palm Beach, Florida who’s crafting saccharine and softly grooving house tunes out of chortling tones, paper-thin kicks, and swirling melody lines. Taken from his self-released 2012 EP, “Float/Dream” feels like it’s literally riding a wave of sun-kissed synthesizers and lush, lo-fi percussion that places the artist’s work in a kind of post-chillwave segment of modern electronic production. What separates Sumsun, however, is the extent to which he pushes his machines into tape-fried, warmly distorted bliss; the song is an ideal accompaniment for cruising through tropical waters at a steady, but relaxed pace. You can check out the rest of the EP after the jump; it’s available as a “name your price” download via Bandcamp, and is definitely something to keep on hand for that weekend getaway to the beach.

2012 EP by Sumsun