After first appearing last year on a split 12″ for DFA alongside fearless producer (and The Knife collaborator) Planningtorock, Berlin’s rRoxymore will release her debut EP, Precarious/Precious (artwork above), next month. The scattered “FltNordf” is our first taste of rRoxymore’s forthcoming release, a single which finds the budding artist traversing through eight-plus minutes of loose grooves, atmospheric synth work, and a host of refracted samples. While it doesn’t all quite fit together in a perfectly squared-off package, there is a rush and urgency underlining rRoxymore’s production style that makes “FltNordf”—and, conceivably, the rest of her debut outing—enchantingly unpredictable. The four-track Precarious/Precious EP is slated to drop on August 19 via Planningtorock’s Human Level imprint.