The work of Atlanta producer Drew Briggs (a.k.a. Divine Interface) has cropped up on XLR8R on more than one occasion, as he’s been kind enough to share a number of tracks, including last year’s “Fool Me.” Today, we have an addendum to that particular jam, “Fool Me Pt. 2,” which oscillates on a similar wavelength with a repeating R&B chirp, dense clouds of chords, and a crisp, distinct percussion line that allows Briggs’ ATL origins to shine through. Whereas the original “Fool Me” sampled more of Southern rap’s skittering beats and laid-back flavors, the sequel is a more melancholy exercise in high-tempo juke that sees Divine Interface exploring a brand of dance music similar to that of his fellow Atlantans in the Embassy crew. The effect is one of a lazy Sunday afternoon, albeit one in which the mind fixates on the energy of Saturday nights gone by.

Fool me Pt. 2